To devise a locally relevant, familiar and acceptable name, logo and branding that would help secure planning permission for a multi million pound new build development. The branding which will be used to market and define the identity of the building must also reflect the prestigious nature of the proposed 50,600 sq ft landmark building and it's use; primarily B1 office accommodation with some A2 and A3 retail on the ground floor.


We researched the history of the site, formerly St James' rail station, and identified a number of options, we then looked at names of other buildings and companies in the area to ensure our preferred name was not already in use or could easily be confused with and existing building/ business. Drawing from the local heritage we finally agreed on 'Honeybourne Place' after the railway line that linked Cheltenham to Worcestershire, part of which is now a well used public foot and cycle path known locally as 'The Honeybourne'.

With the name agreed we designed a brand with our focus firmly on it's implementation. We looked at the materials and colours proposed for the construction to ensure that the branding on the fa├žade would enhance the building whilst at the time looking clear, professional and contemporary in print and for digital use.

This project has now progressed and the website can be seen at: