To design print and deliver a Christmas guide for a number of shopping centres featuring gifts, gadgets and glam from the stores at each centre. It was to follow a magazine-style format and be aimed directly at the target market.

The design was to be visually appealing to make people pick it up and take a closer look, whilst the written content was to encourage customers to make a purchase. Further engagement was to be achieved via a competition and special offer/ discount vouchers.


It all starts with the cover as that sets the tone for the magazine – so we came up with several options featuring press shots to present to the clients.

We searched extensively for great products to feature – including women's and men's fashion, kidswear and great gift ideas including beauty products and gadgets. We tried to include every store at each centre, which often meant photographing unique products from the independent stores. We then checked that each store had the featured items in stock, before finalising each spread.

It was important to achieve the right balance of images and text for each feature. We wrote introductions, top tips and editors notes to spark the imagination and get the reader really thinking about their purchases.

The finished 'mini-mag' was 16 pages, printed web offset on 135 gsm gloss art and stitched. It was delivered by Royal Mail to selected postcodes in each area with a quantity retained for 'pick-up' at the shopping centres.

We carefully targeted the distribution to reach the core customer in each area and arranged door to door delivery via Royal Mail: 60,000 to selected postcodes in the Norwich area, 30,000 in Carmarthenshire, 40,000 in Enfield, 40,000 in Hounslow, 77,000 in Leicester and 40,000 in Peterborough. A total of nearly 300,000 magazines.