To create and identity for and liaise with the team of consultants and public relations experts to plan and manage all aspects of the Public Consultation process for this exciting and innovative project

Design and produce a website and materials such as brochures, leaflets and banners to present at the consultation events. Liaise with all parties involved in the development to ensure all content is correctly and creatively presented and to liaise with local groups, associations, councilors and media.


We researched and booked venues for a series of public consultations ensuring that they were accessible to all residents.

We planned a door to door campaign and wrote designed and printed a letter to notify residents of the consultation events which was delivered to 15,200 homes by Royal Mail. At the same time we wrote and briefed in a press release to the local media and designed the copy and booked the media for press adverts prior to each event.

Using information and illustrations created by the consultants, we designed and produced the exhibition materials; a 4m x 2.2m exhibition display panel, an 8pp A4 booklet, pull up banners, signage and handouts such as branded pens and ‘bugs’. We also designed and produced bite size information on an A5 flyer highlighting key points on the development and directing people to the responsive website for further information.

Key to the process was obtaining feedback, we created an A4 questionnaire that met the requirements of the architects, planners and project manager, without being too long or complicated, and created an online version.

Following the first round of consultations amendments were made to the proposals in response to feedback from the public and a revised A5 questionnaire was designed and produced. In total we received 814 responses (97.3% in favour) against a projected target of 100.