Treaty Shopping Centre in Hounslow had a number of empty units, a tired old and faded mural alongside a main entrance, corridors at secondary entrances with plain brick walls which made the entrances dingy and large expanses of blacked out windows at the rear of the centre.


We designed artwork incorporating lifestyle visuals and letting details and then 'hid' the void units behind large format print which was visually more appealing and at the same time made it less obvious that there were unoccupied units. The situation was quite fluid for a while with some tenants 'trading up' to larger units and a number of temporary lets so we had to respond quickly to our clients requirements. Every unit required a different solution and we worked closely with our supplier to install the graphics, some were simple window vinyls, either front or reverse fit, others required more complicated, bespoke hoarding solutions as we were not able to fix to the floor, ceiling of shop front.

We overclad the faded mural with composite panels printed with fullcolour lifestyle images of people, the entrance now looks lighter, brighter and more welcoming. At the rear of the centre redundant windows have been boarded up and we have designed a collage of large, die cut tenant logos that can be seen from the busy main road with some cctv graphics at eye level to discourage graffiti.